Episode 6: How We Got Into This Mess


The other day on LinkedIn I had a friend ask how we got into this mess.

Of course there’s a lot of mess right now — he was referring to what’s been happening in healthcare where the front line experts are being increasingly governed by numbers-obsessed corporate entities.

How did that happen, where even our most educated specialists like surgeons are being micromanaged??

Historically its not terribly complicated…

Essentially, it’s the increasing commercialization of everything that naturally led us to this point. 

We’ve been so hyper-obsessed with optimizing efficiencies for so many decades that there’s no slack or even resilience left in the system. 

We’re all deeply interconnected — and at the same time, we’ve left no space for any link in the chain to not be operating at full capacity.

If even one thing breaks down, it hurts us all.

And right now we’re seeing what happens if MANY things break.

And on top of that we have a persistent illusion that there can somehow be unending continual growth in a world of finite resources.

So the answer is pretty straightforward— WE have created this way of working.

And systems simply produce what they are designed to produce — and complete dehumanization is where the current path leads.

This is why the only sane choice is revolution.

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