Next Steps

What else can you do to move the Work Revolution forward?
Great question. Here are a few ideas:

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Action #1


When sharing relevant articles, add the hashtag #workrevolution to your tweets or posts.

There’s a tremendous amount of inertia to keep work sucking — the path of least resistance is the path of misery and disengagement. To change this trend, we need to drastically increase the frequency and quality of conversations around the need for a work revolution.

Add your voice to the momentum and together we will change the tide.

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Action #2


We can accomplish exponentially more together than we ever could alone.

We create collision points (i.e. events) where instigators and ruckus makers can gather together to push the edges of the conversation about the future of work a bit further, deconstruct what’s happening now, examine the pieces, and get busy “reverse engineering” the future of work into something we can all get excited about.

Last year, we did this: The Work Revolution Summit. Get on our mailing list now and stay in the know about future events.

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Action #3


The Work Revolution belongs to all of us.

We strive to move the revolution forward by sharing the stories of people just like you.

If you are actively doing something to make the workplace more human and meaningful, we’d love to share what you’re doing.

If you’d like to submit to be one of our featured Revolutionaries, click the link below.

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More actions coming soon!

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The world of work needs you.