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by Josh Allan Dykstra
Work Revolution Co-Founder

Why is it that so many of us toil away in jobs we hate, being treated like machines, doing things that will eventually ruin the planet? Is this really the best we can do with our work and our lives?

Concluding a massive research project spanning the fields of behavioral economics, future trend analysis, and management science, Josh Allan Dykstra elegantly shows how the world of work is evolving—and that the competitive advantage of business is shifting towards something much more life-giving than where we’ve been.

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by Julie Clow
Work Revolution Co-Founder

We live in a new age of global companies, hyper-access to information, and accessibility to tools that enable us to bring any idea life. Strangely, our workplaces are lagging behind the promise of this open and collaborative world. Most organizations are rule-based, top-down, dreary environments optimized for conformity and little else.

Rejecting productivity Band-Aids and quick fixes, The Work Revolution conceptualizes a completely new workplace in which high achievers can thrive.

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