Brooke Erol

Brooke O. Erol is the Founder/President of two local San Diego businesses, YourBestLife and Purposeful Business. She has worked with leaders, founders, C-level executives closely since her first career days at IBM. She has international experience working with Fortune 500 companies as her clients. She is also an author of Create a Life You Love. She speaks internationally about Future of Workplaces and Purpose in Business. She continues to learn about leadership, human psychology, organizational development in various settings. The book she co-authored is coming out about Great Work Cultures is coming out this year. She is passionate about having more people be #happyatwork!


Why does the world need a work revolution? (In other words: the way we’re working isn’t working. Why not?)

Too many people are unhappy, unfulfilled and disengaged at work (as Gallup’s research shows year after year). The industrial age is over but its mindset still lingers in the front offices of many organizations. That mindset worked for a few decades but it does not work anymore. Command-control, 9 to 5, separating work and personal life, having a job to pay the bills only and being happy only during weekends are concepts of the past. All generations seek purpose as Imperative study shows (below). People want to find more meaning at work.

How are you or your organization reinventing work in some way (big or small)?

I help leaders of organizations create humanistic environments where people are a culture-fit before a job-fit and feel more fulfilled knowing their purpose is aligned with the organization’s.

What’s one tangible and concrete technique other organizations should use if they want to create a more human and/or meaningful place to work?

Leaders of organizations first need to start with improving their self-awareness to engage in a growth mindset (versus a fixed mindset as Carol Dweck tells in her TED Talk as well as in her book) so that they can be servant and purpose-driven leaders.

Provide a quote (either yours or someone else’s) that you live by and/or that represents why you do what you do. Also tell us: why did you choose it?

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of Nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” — George Bernard Shaw

I chose it because I believe having a purpose is the most ultimate way to make meaning of our limited time here on earth—it is also proven by studies that people who have a purpose are the ones who are most fulfilled (lasting happiness).

What is “required reading” or “required viewing” for people who want to understand what makes you tick personally/professionally/creatively?
How do you stay productive throughout your day?

I have a great work environment that inspires me. I have my most important post-its that shows what is most important to me and notes and pictures I love hanging in front of me. I start the day with my dream letter to myself and watching my dream video I made. I have a good post-it scheduling system on my wall.

What does your preferred work environment look like?

It is like the best co-working spaces. Great vibe, casual modern decoration, good coffee, healthy snacks and inspirational quotes on the walls, chalk walk or white board to share thoughts and ideas.

Where in the world are you?

San Diego, CA

How can people connect with you?

Websites: (for organizations) (for individuals)
Twitter: @boerol1
Facebook Pages: and

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