Episode 23 (Bonus): An Imaginary Presidential Address

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  • 01 November, 2020
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Today I’m imagining a world where our leader said something like…

Strange as it might sound, our species has been given a kind of cosmic “time out”

Our doctors and scientists need time to create a vaccine and we’re going to give it to them. It’s a crazy time, I know, but no one has to worry about money or healthcare — moments like this is what government is for and we’re prepared

Everyone who needs it will get a basic income so you don’t have to stress about bills

Landlords will take a pause on charging mortgages and commercial rents so no one will have to worry about a place to live or a place for your business

We’ve done away with healthcare being tied to your job — that was never a very good idea, so now if you need care, you can just go get it

We all have different jobs, and in a time like this we will see just how important — essential, even — some jobs are.

And they’re probably going to be jobs you didn’t pay much attention to before.

This is an opportunity for us to learn more about the kinds of work that make our world work.

And it’s a moment for us to be extra kind and show gratitude for all the many flavors of work that allow things to keep moving.

Vital things will stay open and we will focus intently on keeping those people safe and healthy. And we will hold them in our deep gratitude.

Those of us who can stay home will.

This will be disruptive but remember we’re doing this because what happens to you happens to me — we are all connected.

The people who matter to you matter to me.

Now is not the time to rush back into life as we knew it.

We don’t need to push to reopen things before we are ready — money is a construct created to serve people and we’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t put any small businesses out of business.

Some of the big conglomerates… well, this will likely be a great reset for them. They can get smaller and become more local again, and we will actively help support local cooperatives to buy things like movie theaters so we when we can go back, money spent there will actually flow through local economies instead of just being siphoned off to make a small group of already rich shareholders even richer.

This is a pause.

In music we’d call it a rest. And rests are necessary because without them, music would just be noise.

Most of us aren’t very good at rests. We’re better at playing notes. Notes notes notes, all the time.

But let’s be honest — during this time, some of us will get more time to rest than is comfortable

And some of us will probably never work harder.

It all depends on what your work is — this is fine too. Different notes are played at different times.

Before this, life was a bit of a cacophony — in many ways, we have been given an opportunity to learn

To actually stop

And pause

We have been given a moment to reflect and do something different, to explore how our ways of living and working were or were not working before

I know it’s scary — the unknown always is, and something like this is a vast unknown for everyone alive today

Let me say again…

We will not rush to reopen things before we are ready.

Someday soon we will go back to movie theaters. But not today.

Someday soon we will go back to our churches and concerts and bars and dance clubs and business conferences.

But not today.

And it’s OK.

We will be OK.

This will not last forever, and if we do our best to focus on how we are helping each other, it will be easier — it still won’t be easy, but it will be easier.

Be patient

Be grateful for your fellow humans who are helping by doing jobs you don’t do

Take care of yourself

And take care of others

We will get through this, and we will learn some powerful and important things from it.

When we arrive on the other side of this, we won’t be the same people we are today.

But if we can tap into the best parts of ourselves — our compassion, our hope, our love — we will be BETTER people.

Reach deep and find the best part of you, and hang on to that.

This will be hard, but it won’t feel so heavy if we all carry a little piece.

I am right here with you, and we can carry it together.

Keep the faith, my friends. See you next time.

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