Frequently Asked Questions

So, you were wondering…

“Why do we need a work revolution?”

We spend more of our lives at work than we do anywhere else. Then on top of that, the vast majority of us don’t like our work — we’re typically not very engaged, we often just do it for the paycheck, and we’re certainly not passionate about it. This is a huge waste of our lives AND of organizational productivity. Right now a ridiculous number of human beings and companies are in a lose-lose situation.

Why are we putting up with this!? Let’s fix it!

“The word ‘revolution’ seems kind of violent. Why such harsh language?”

The English word “revolution” comes from the Latin word revolutio, which means “a complete turn around.”  It’s in this sense that we use the word (and it’s why you see all the “turn-around” circle-arrows all over the site). Instead of the vast majority of us being disengaged and tuned out at work, we want to turn that number around — we want everyone to enjoy meaningful and life-giving work.

“That sounds like a ridiculously large job. Do you really mean everyone?”


“For real?”

Yes. Humans can make vehicles that fly through the inky blackness of space, networks that allow us to instantaneously communicate with anyone anywhere on the planet, and examine the minuscule strands of DNA. Why should we not be able to create meaningful work for everyone? This is a design problem and a desire problem, not a capability problem.

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“Wait! I have another one: who are the organizers?”

Ah, good question. The Work Revolution is the joint collaborative effort of a group/tribe of people who contribute purely out of excitement for the cause. Essentially, we all desperately want to see more amazing places to work, and we know if enough of us want that badly enough, it can’t not happen.

Victor Hugo once said, “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”

The time for a work revolution is right now.

At the moment The Work Revolution is completely a not-for-profit side passion project for all of us. Go here to learn more about the team.

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