& it will take all of us to accelerate it.

WE MUST fundamentally alter the OPERATING system of work.

The Work Revolution Podcast exists to foster more constructive dialogue about the role "work" plays as the central organizing story of our lives — and how we can make the future more free, more just, and more beautiful for everyone.

A Brief History of The Work Revolution

Over ten years ago, two people — Julie & Josh — were connected by some mutual friends and a shared idea…

 a Work Revolution was happening.

After a memorable Summit, a ton of Feature Interviewstwo books, a TEDx talk, and frequent organizational collaborations, a global pandemic stopped the world in its tracks in early 2020.

And the work revolution was suddenly visible to everyone.

The moment seemed ripe to do something new with the Work Revolution project. 

So, in the Quarantined Summer of 2020, Josh started recording a series of rants podcast episodes about the state of things and what was happening. (Check out Season 1 wherever you get your podcasts!)

Now The Work Revolution is back again with a brand new Season and a brand new podcast Co-Host: Kali Love.

 You’re welcome back to the new Work Revolution podcast

It’s time to continue the same revolutionary conversation in a brand new way.

Are you a change agent? System thinker? work revolutionary? We'd love to TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD! COMPLETE OUR FEATURE INTERVIEW:

Podcast Hosts

Josh Allan Dykstra

Josh Allan Dykstra

Josh is a co-founder of the Work Revolution project and the host of The Work Revolution podcast. He's also a TEDx speaker, author, and the CEO of Helios, a company on a mission to create a world where everyone can #lovework.
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