Month: January 2013

January 10, 2013

What’s A Tribe For?

Some people think a tribe is a vehicle to sell stuff, like your album or your book. Of course it can work like this — and it’s becoming harder to sell anything without a tribe — but we are more interested in something a little bigger.

We are interested in tribes that put a dent in the universe, tribes that make a difference.

So, to be completely clear, we are not building a tribe to sell anything. That’s not what The Work Revolution is about. If the stuff we produce (books, conferences, events, seminars, whatever) is valuable as something that moves the conversation forward or connects you to ideas and resources which help in a meaningful way, great. (Of course, the side benefit is that monetary support helps us organizers continue making said ‘helpful stuff,’ because we can afford to keep buying silly things like food.)

In truth, I suppose, we are “selling” something: a new story about the way we work. But that part doesn’t cost any money.

Be warned, though — adopting this vision certainly costs other things, like the forgoing of a “normal,” status quo life.

But we’re guessing you’re not interested in that, anyway.

The real point of what we do — what this tribe is for — is to create a work revolution. To help you, the true Revolutionaries, continue doing your great work in remaking the fabric of the workplace. That comes first, always.

If we ever start to mix up the order, we trust you’ll let us know.

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