What’s A Tribe For?

Some people think a tribe is a vehicle to sell stuff, like your album or your book. Of course it can work like this — and it’s becoming harder to sell anything without a tribe — but we are more interested in something a little bigger. We are interested in tribes that put a dent in the universe, tribes that make a difference. So, to be completely clear, we are not building a tribe to sell anything. That’s not what The Work Revolution is about. If the stuff we produce... Read The Rest →

The Roasting Pan Effect: How Abolishing Dress Codes Might Very Well Kickstart a Work Revolution

Have you heard this story? A woman is preparing a roast for the oven, and she cuts off both ends of the meat. Her friend asks: “Why are you cutting off the ends?” She replies that her mother always did it. As it turns out, her mother chopped off the ends of the meat because it was too large for the roasting pan. I love this story (I featured it in The Work Revolution). It is a cautionary tale that reminds us to ask the question Why? for everything we don’t... Read The Rest →

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